John Bailey Hobbies: Moving Watercolor Journey

John Bailey Hobbies: Moving Watercolor Journey

John Bailey retirement led him to a surprising and satisfying passion: painting. He had been successful in marketing before he started painting.

John Bailey Hobbies: Getting Rid of Stress

John Bailey Hobbies: Moving Watercolor Journey

Bailey’s artistic journey started with art classes in the evenings, which were a nice break from the stress of his job. But he couldn’t really get into watercolors until he retired in 2018.

John Bailey Hobbies: Shared Pandemic

Bailey found comfort in sharing his watercolor paintings on Facebook, even though the third wave of the pandemic in 2021 was hard. He had no idea that being open and honest would open the door to a wave of good things.

John Bailey Hobbies: From Post to Well-Known

Bailey didn’t want to sell his art at first; he just wanted to share it with everyone. He was shocked by how many people responded. Getting hundreds of likes and a lot of positive comments encouraged him to keep making art.

Scenes from cities come to life

Bailey’s art is a colorful fabric that shows what Montreal is like. People in the city love his work, which includes both everyday scenes and famous sites. It’s like a visual ode to the city he loves.

Bringing back memories

What began as a simple drawing of a nearby figure turned into a web of memories that were shared. Each piece Bailey posted on social media became a blank page for other people to write their own stories on. This was a new and interesting way for people to connect.

Memories of the Neighborhood

Bailey’s art captures the essence of neighborhoods that are changing over time and hold emotional value for people in Montreal. From old mills that have been abandoned to the famous “maison rose,” his paintings show how cities have changed over time.

Beyond the Picture

As more and more people liked Bailey’s drawings, he realized that they were more than just pretty pictures. It became a bridge that brought people together by showing them how they felt about the same things.

From Hearts to Likes

In the huge world of social media, Bailey’s art got the eye of Marc Bergevin, who used to be the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens. “Likes” from a famous hockey player helped Bailey’s work get noticed by people outside of his community.

Art that is unique to you

Bailey sells his art to people who used to live in Montreal but now live somewhere else. He still keeps things personal for people who still live in Montreal. When he delivers his work by hand, he sees for himself how happy his customers are with it.

From the point of view of retirement, John Bailey’s story shows how following your interest can change your life. He has not only drawn a picture of what Montreal is like, but also woven a web of community and connection through watercolors and shared memories. Bailey’s story shows that finding and sharing art can be an adventure that lasts a lifetime and brings joy and connection to everyone who goes on it.