Kunthaville: Sri Lankan Flavors in Little India

Kunthaville: Sri Lankan Flavors in Little India

Set in the busy streets of Little India, Kunthaville invites discerning eaters to take a culinary trip to Sri Lanka in the past. This beautifully renovated two-story heritage shophouse is a peaceful haven in the middle of a busy city. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s also a living example of authenticity, with a wellness studio on the upper floor and a restaurant serving Ceylonese food.

Finding the Heritage Haven in Kunthaville

Kunthaville: Sri Lankan Flavors in Little India

Kunthaville is a place where time seems to have stopped when you walk through its doors. Sri Lanka’s cultural diversity can be seen in the heritage shophouse, which has been lovingly brought back to its former glory. The carefully chosen decor, which has a colonial feel, makes guests feel like they are back in a more opulent time in Sri Lanka.

Kuntha’s Journey Through Food

Meet Kuntha Chelvanathan, the person who came up with the idea for Kunthaville. Kumara’s journey through food began during the pandemic. He was born in Colombo and has lived on three countries, first in France, then in Australia, and finally for ten years in Singapore. Friends were blown away by her home-cooked Sri Lankan meals and begged her to share these gourmet treasures with everyone.

From the farm to the table, this is a tea experience like no other.

Tea farms in Sri Lanka are in Kuntha’s family tree. Visitors to Kunthaville are happy to be able to enjoy teas that come straight from the family’s highlands. Imagine drinking a carefully crafted cup of tea in a room that looks like a colonial house and has views of a lush garden. This would be an extraordinary sensory experience.

Bringing to light the realness of Sri Lankan food

In a city with few Sri Lankan restaurants, Kunthaville stands out as a true example of the cuisine. There tasty plant-base options on the menu, like jackfruit sauce and fried beetroot cutlets. Kuntha goes the extra mile by using whole spices that grown on his family’s land. These include premium cinnamon sticks and special types of Sri Lankan rice that give each food its own unique grain and texture.

The Alchemy of Food: A Symphony of Flavors

Gundappam is one of Kunthaville’s famous meals. It is a small, bouncy, fermented rice treat that is serve sweet and savory with roasted coconut chambal and a drizzle of coconut milk. The foods on the menu honor Sri Lanka’s history. For example, the cream of roasted butternut pumpkin soup is spiced with ginger, turmeric, and nutmeg, which are all flavors that came from Southeast Asia and early Portuguese colonialism.

A culinary tapestry that is vegan-friendly

Sri Lankan food has a lot of plant-based traditions, so it has a lot of different veggie and fruit dishes. Kuntha is happy that the menu is vegan-friendly, with healthy alternatives like coconut milk and oil used instead of dairy or ghee. Kuntha says that cows only recently brought to the island, which gives the food options historical context.

In conclusion, Kunthaville is a timeless culinary journey.

Kunthaville goes beyond the usual dining experience by giving you more than just a meal. It’s like taking a trip through Sri Lanka’s past and flavors. As the smell of real Sri Lankan spices fills the air. Kunthaville becomes a haven for people in the middle of Little India. That who want to get a real taste of old-world Sri Lanka. Come with Kuntha on this journey through food, where each dish is a part and each visit a new page in a story that will never end.